Craigengillan Estate is located just outside of Dalmellington. As we made our way up the drive two wild deer skipped across the road in front of the mini bus.

We were heading for the Riding Stables. As we entered the yard we could see the horses patiently waiting.

Our first task was to introduce ourselves to our mount. What do you say to a horse you have never met before? Just tell them your name and give them a pat on the neck said Roslyn our instructor.

Grooming was next on the agenda so armed with brushes and combs we diligently combed the mane and tail till the staff and hopefully the horses were happy.

Bridles and saddles were fitted and the excitement was mounting. Now it was our turn to dress up. Riding hats in all sizes were tried until one fitted!!

The command was given “mount up” and with a bit of help we all managed at least to sit in the saddle.

We were given basic instructions on horse control and signals and off we set.

The trek lasted just over one hour and included the horses walking and trotting.

Back in the yard we dismounted then helped to remove the saddles and do a bit more grooming. It was now lunchtime for horses and riders before heading back to Ayr.