Harry was the last in a long
line of hunters. He would never be called handsome but he was renouned for his
courage and bravado on the battlefields.

At Bannockburn he’d lost his
left arm as the result of being struck in the shoulder with an arrow. It had
turned septic and ha to be amputated with an axe. Consequently he’d taken early

He had a witty and charming
persona and a gentle way with women and children. In fact, a deep love and
appreciation for all of God’s creation.

Far off in the future in the
lowlands of Scotland there lived a man called Burky with a dog named Jodi. She
was his heroine and he doted on her. He’d got her from a rescue centre.
Previously she’d been cruelly treated and kicked about. In the past year Jodi
had undergone two hernia operations and had pulled through very well. Burky had
nursed her back to health and she gave him so much love and affection in
return. Words could not express his joy at having such a beautiful and good
natured friend and loyal companion.

One bright summer’s morning
Harry was walking through the woods by the river. He’d come down to Ayrshire to
look for a long-lost lover. Her name was
Sara. He had no idea where she lived apart from on a farm somewhere near

Suddenly he saw something
moving through a nearby cornfield. Quickly he pulled out his bow and a few
arrows from his quiver. He was almost about to take aim and fire when he
realised it was some kind of animal. A beautiful dog came bounding towards him
with tail wagging and ears blowing in the wind. She had a metal tag attached to
her collar with the name JODI engraved on it.

They got along well together
and she led him to Ayr to meet Burky. It was a fine autumn day and Harry told
Burky what they’d got up to in the days beforehand and about the exciting times
they’d had together. And how , in his absence , Jodi had found another friend.
So they all went together for long walks along the river Ayr and had great
times to share.

By Lisa and Burky