I am happy every morning when I wake up and know I am alive and the first sight I see is my dog Jodi and beautiful day. Jesus Is Alive Around Us.

I’m happy when
waves lapping on rocks
the cry of oyster-catchers
and my dog running the shore-line
these are some of happier times
spent in Troon

finding out and holding your first born
and the feeling of total love
these are happy times

feeling emotions, love and pain
walking in rain sober and
a place to aim for a place you call your home
these are happy times
~ Tony

Life without alcohol is going to cold water tap
and drinking it knowing you are not going to
vomit it up 5 minutes later.
~ Tony

I walked about Ayr and heard o care and share
I says to the person whats Care and Share
and what do they do there.

He says they give you food and friendship
and people who will listen to men on the streets
people who are genuine, people who really care

So headed to this place to see what and how at what price
this place of refuge whit would be the fare

My eyes they were opened when I got there
they never asked for the fare
a bit of peace love and kinship
So this was Care and Share
~ Tony